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10 Tips For Creating A Killer Digital Marketing Strategy In 2020

Digital marketing is all about leveraging the online landscape to drive visitors and growth towards your business.  This might seem easy, but it’s actually a highly complex process with a lot of moving parts.  That being said, there’s no reason to fear venturing into the digital marketing space, provided you know a few things!  Let’s take a look at 10 tips for creating your next killer digital marketing campaign!


#10) User Experience Trumps Everything

Ask your digital marketing agency to evaluate your website’s UX (user experience) value, and you’ll probably learn a few humbling things.  Take heed – this is not a bad thing!  While nobody likes to have their flaws pointed out, it’s wise to acknowledge them so that you can grow.  Digital marketing agencies can identify the weak points of your website, most notably when it comes to user experience.  They’ll target portions of your site that take too many steps to perform an action, or a menu system that isn’t intuitive.  They examine the entire process from start to finish, to determine how best to optimize your site.  Sometimes this can mean a few tweaks, while other times it involves crushing your current site and starting from scratch.  Remember, there’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” website – only functional, and non-functional. 


#9) Figure Out Your Market

Moving forward with a digital marketing strategy means acknowledging a simple truth – you cannot target everyone.  It’s wise to identify your target demographic, and create a campaign that will appeal to them directly.  The key to a good digital marketing campaign is being able to identify your target audience, while still attracting secondary clientele.  For instance, if you’re in the food business, it may not be advantageous to target car companies, but what about event venues?  Try to identify who else might be interested in your business besides your primary core market.


#8) Identify Your Budget

If the law of diminishing returns is any indication, there comes a time when a return on your investment isn’t enough to justify the amount of money you are investing into the action.  In the case of digital marketing, spending more money might lead you to think you’re reaching a wider audience, but it’s more important to focus on how you’re reaching them.  Staying strategic is paramount to maxing out the value of your budget, which will yield a greater ROI.  Your digital marketing agency can show you these results with regular reports, so you know exactly where your money is having the best impact, and where you can afford to pull back.


#7) Attack The Campaign From Many Different Angles

Many companies who don’t understand digital marketing will believe that one or two channels are all that’s necessary to focus on, in order to build brand awareness.  In truth, a strong digital marketing strategy is a web of many elements that must work harmoniously in order to generate the right ROI.  If you’re in B2B, then don’t advertise B2C.  If you’re neglecting Email campaigns, then make sure to rectify the situation.  A digital marketing agency will be able to coordinate all these elements at once, and execute the marketing strategy at your command.


#6) Focus On Ads

Yes, social media ads are still a great way to get your name out there, and this method of distribution shows no signs of slowing down.  Facebook and Google Ads are two of the heavy hitters here, but don’t neglect Twitter and Youtube.  If you’re in the entertainment field, it pays to have a YouTube or Vimeo channel to showcase your work and drive engagements.  One thing companies should remember is to create dynamic, interesting content.  Often times, this is where they trip up.  A digital marketing agency has access to graphic designers, videographers and social media ad experts who know what works, and what doesn’t.  You might wish to put this job in their hands.


#5) Maintain Your Reputation

If you have social media profiles online, they should be cleaned up and kept consistent.  This means the same look and feel across all the major platforms.  One mistake companies make is neglecting certain channels over others, which can create a sense of detachment and sloppiness on the part of the visitor.  The strength of your reputation means checking all the boxes so you look your best at all times.  Strike outdated info from your social media profiles, and stay current.  This is especially important when it comes to contact information!  Some platforms are more advantageous than others when it comes to certain things.  For instance, a LinkedIn account focuses more on the professional merits of a company and its staff, while Facebook or Instagram are better suited for sharing company culture and brand awareness with your audience.


#4) Remarket, And Remarket Again

A digital marketing agency will be able to deliver real-time results that let you see tangible data on who your visitors are, where they’re coming from, and what pages they’ve browsed on your website.  By analyzing hot-spots on your website, they can determine if a potential customer showed up, clicked on something, yet still navigated away from your page.  Remarketing is a great way of dropping a gentle reminder on your visitors to let them know that you’ve noticed their presence.  This has proven to be an excellent tool to drive sales, and increase company reputation.  Retail websites often employ cart abandonment emails which identify what a customer has placed into their cart, but didn’t end up buying.  If this item goes on sale, it could pay to send an Email so they’re aware.


#3) Create Rich, Organic Blogging Content

When done correctly, blogging can drive up your company’s reputation and “sell without selling.”  Many companies mistake blogging as a sales platform to push a company’s wares or services.  In truth, blogging is one of the most “human” parts of your website, and it speaks directly to your customers in a friendly, down-to-earth manner that puts them at ease.  The trick with blogging is to focus on relevant topics that your customer base might find interesting.  This could be a technological development within your field, or an organic list of tips and tricks they might find informative and entertaining.  The emphasis should be on friendly conversation, as opposed to selling yourself.  The former will lead directly to the latter.


#2) Less Is More

Many companies who decide to take on their own digital marketing often bite off way more than they can chew.  They open up a ton of social media accounts, create a LinkedIn profile, a YouTube page, and then have trouble managing it all.  While enthusiasm is great, it’s rarely effective without some strategic planning to go along with it.  A digital marketing agency recognizes that not every social media platform is going to suit every company.  Indeed, it pays to focus on just a handful of platforms as you start out, where you can focus your time and money to build your reputation. Let your digital marketing agency decide the best platforms for your company.  The result will be greater growth, in less time.


#1) Decide What You Want To Accomplish

Before you decide to move forward with a digital marketing strategy, you’re going to have to actually focus on being strategic.  Be sure you understand what you actually want to accomplish.  Many companies see only the coveted #1 spot on a Google search list, but what about the strength of your social media presence, or good ROI on your Email campaigns?  This is where hiring a digital marketing agency comes in handy.  If you communicate your desired goals, the agency will understand how best to move forward to achieve them.


At Operatio Marketing, we know digital marketing inside and out, which is why we’d love to talk to you!  If you’re looking to expand your company’s reach, reputation and success in the digital realm, contact us today, so we can discuss your goals!