Tips For Franchise Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges franchises face, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, finding new sales leads is one of the more enjoyable aspects of franchising, as it represents an opportunity to grow your franchise alongside enthusiastic people who want to change their lives for the better. As these franchisees build their own portfolio, so too can you build yours. There’s a lot of competition in the Canadian franchise market right now, which means it pays to take heed of a few tips on how to better your franchise lead generation. How, exactly?  Read on.


Millennials bear the unfortunate brunt of a lot of social jokes nowadays, but the truth is they’re the driving force behind the workplace, and that number is growing. Millennials are now in an age bracket where they’re poised to spend some money, especially if they’ve made it big within their day jobs. This younger demographic has also been culturally influenced to pursue a greater work/life balance, which means marketing to this group can yield more growth for your franchise. 

Millennials are typically pretty savvy when it comes to business as well, and with an experienced franchisor on their side to smooth out any rough edges and inexperience, the recipe is primed for success. Don’t focus all your attention on millennials, as other demographics (especially in the 40-50 year old range) have just as much, if not more business savviness and startup capital than millennials. That being said, millennials shouldn’t be ignored.


It goes without saying that we are living in the digital age, but sometimes franchises forget the power of this medium, and neglect harnessing it effectively. Make sure your franchise is staying absolutely up to date on website design trends and vectors of message transmission. Having a mobile-friendly website is key to hooking the attention of potential franchisees, and keeping them engaged while you make your digital pitch. Similarly, reducing the complexity of application forms can go a long way to getting those leads into your inbox, which you can always cultivate later. It’s important to get people signing up for more info, rather than checking all the right boxes on the very first shot.

Finally, don’t neglect the power of video. This is an oft-overlooked transmission medium that has high impact among viewers who have grown up in the YouTube era. Video engages people in a way that static imagery and text simply does not. Utilizing it as an attention-grabber can vastly reduce the effort needed to hook and reel in possible interest towards your proposal.


Another mistake many franchises make is utilizing the same marketing expert they have hired to attract patrons, and turning them loose on franchise development and lead generation. While it is possible that a savvy marketing executive might understand how to generate both kinds of leads, oftentimes it’s better to invest in a franchise expert. 

Marketing gurus tend to focus on key demographics, and what works for visiting patrons and customers may not work for potential franchisees, since they are attracted by an entirely different set of criteria. It involves more than just providing a great experience. It requires speaking to their pocketbook and their long-term aspirations and goals, as well.


Like most marketing and advertising ventures, you have to pay in to get back. This statement is rather generic however, and requires a bit of dissection. Many think that social media, portal lead generation, drip campaigns and paid searches involve simply tossing large amounts of money at each one, and hoping for the best. The experts will tell you when and how to apply your money to these kinds of digital marketing ventures to generate the best ROI. 

For instance, social media feeds are great ways to engage potential franchisees, especially if you’re paying for promoted posts to increase visibility. Portal leads are often viewed as less important, but they still deserve a bit of attention in order to push traffic to your website. Paid searches tend to cost more, but they also yield high results by increasing web traffic, and therefore your chances of engaging them on the franchising front. Finally, Email drip campaigns are widely regarded as one of the most effective lead generation methods for franchises, since they interact directly with potential investors. 


Last but not least, do not automatically assume that potential franchise applications will translate into sales. Often, prospects will test the waters to see what franchising is all about, while seasoned franchisees might be curious about diversifying their portfolio with another brand. It might go without saying, but the final step will involve pitching the potential franchisee directly, so make sure your game is on. 

A great digital marketing company knows the importance of lead generation when it comes to building your franchise. Fortunately, Operatio Marketing has tons of experience in the field, and we’re ready and able to help you find the right leads to expand your franchise’s reach. Call us today so we can have a one on one conversation and get to know your franchise, and its ambition for growth!