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3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Professional Website

In the virtual world, professionalism is expected. For companies who rely on their online presence in any regard, having a clean, sleek, and contemporary website is as important as it has ever been. With all the tools available on the market, it is simply foolish to not display your brand positively.

Why Your Business Deserves Professional Website Design

Whether your business is small, medium, or large, it’s one of the most important things to you. You’ve most certainly spent your blood, sweat, and tears building out the operations and business model. In layman’s terms, your website is an attestation of your offering from a virtual perspective. In the modern era, customers will most likely interact in any regard with your website first, and it is their first introduction to your company. You wouldn’t want to scare a prospective client off from a brick and mortar location with an eye soar of a building, and the same thing goes for your website, as in theory, it is your virtual storefront.

When a client visits your website, they subconsciously decide within a few seconds if they will navigate and interact with the website, or if they will bounce. Your goal with your website is to ensure a user or a prospective client has an enjoyable user experience and can simply navigate your site for their ultimate goal, whether it be to purchase a product, inquire about a service, fill out a form, or to find contact information.

The design and functionality of your website plays a key role in ensuring your website visitors can complete the things they came to your site to do in the first place. Beyond this, a professional and thorough website also plays a key role in Search Engine Optimization (where your site ranks on a search engine results page), pay per click advertising, and overall lead generation. Below, we have compiled a list of three high-level reasons that you should invest a professional and functional website.

It makes your company look more professional as a whole

As stated above, your website is the ‘storefront’ of your business from a virtual perspective. You want your website visitors to eventually become leads or customers. A professional and contemporary website is the best way to do this. Beyond design, your website must be filled with relevant and thorough information, adequate call-to-actions, and more, depending on what your ultimate goal as a business is.

It’s more simple than you may think

In the past, it used to be the general consensus that website design was extremely difficult, costly, and garnered a low return on investment. In the present day, that ‘consensus’ could not be further from the truth. Website design is more simple than you may think, and for a business that does not have in-house means of design and development, there are lots of agencies on the market that can build a professional website without emptying out your pockets.

It will pay for itself

In regards to your return on investment, a professional website can have more lucrative implications than other marketing endeavors. The way your new website will pay for itself differs from business to business. As an example, an e-commerce business who re-designs their website would have their increased ROI represented by an increase in sales, whereas a service business may represent their increased ROI with an increase in leads, or form submissions. To help estimate a potential ROI, check out this ROI website calculator, courtesy of Smashing Magazine.

In the modern era, you simply cannot afford to have an outdated and non-functional website that turns customers off. Ensuring your brand can be viewed as professional from a virtual perspective is of the utmost importance in the digital era. For more information on website design, including receiving a quote, click here.