Our Approach

Operatio Marketing is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency with a focus on the operations of each and every client we take on. By focusing on the physical operations, we are able to better understand your company as a whole, and in-turn, better able to understand your digital marketing needs and goals. Our goal is to develop the best possible marketing program for your business that will lead to the highest return on investment attainable. We take everything into consideration while developing our marketing strategies. We are professional and contemporary, but not afraid to adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

We listen.

Without our ears, we would be nothing. It is imperative for us to listen to your goals and expectations—so we can better understand where they are, and where they need to be in the future. It is important to us that you feel satisfied in our approach and our execution of different marketing initiatives. We understand the complexities of each individual business, and that each client is unique in their own way.

Communication is key.

Throughout all four steps of our process, we place emphasis on communication. Communication in digital marketing creates a mutually-beneficial relationship—we are able to better perform and produce work and your marketing initiatives are better suited to your business needs.

We get results.

Customer’s have been long mistreated by shady marketing companies who provide little evidence of work and simply expect their monthly checks. In comes Operatio Marketing. Our goals are clear, execute accordingly and track our work, so that we can provide you transparent monthly reports—showcasing exactly what we’ve done.

The most important performance indicator to us is your return on investment. We show our clients exactly what they’re getting, how it will be done, and how they can monitor progress.

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Our approach consists of 4 simple steps:

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    Everything we do starts with the discovery of your company. Our team of operations professionals will integrate themselves into the organization in order to identify the right platforms, tactics, and technologies to deliver to you.

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    Strategy Creation

    Creating a strategy is about doing the right thing for your organization, not by simply executing and hoping it works. Once a sound strategical foundation is built, Operatio will be able to scale your digital marketing endeavors in the most effective way with the highest ROI.

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    Execution is everything! Operatio utilizes industry leading tactics and techniques in order to ensure that our clients digital marketing campaigns are being executed to perfection.

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    We utilize leading analytic platforms to indicate how well you are doing. This way we can track your success in real-time while adjusting your campaigns on the fly.