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Carlos G. Cisneros Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency

The Problem

Miami-based insurance agency Carlos G. Cisneros approached Operatio Marketing for assistance with streamlining client information and the quotation process, while centralizing their in-house data system for their employees.

The Solution

Our solution was to implement Zoho integration through detailed flow mapping, a highly functional automated Email system, and a completely custom CRM system to optimize day-to-day operations, with the express intent of simplifying the lead and quotation process, and boosting the effectiveness of their client information database.

The Results

Operatio succeeded in greatly enhancing overall efficiency and client engagement of Cisernos’ customer-centric business model, while streamlining operations for smoother, scalable growth.

They were able to focus more on client leads and new opportunities, without being hampered by the inefficiencies of the previous system.

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