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Fine Homes

Real Estate Brokerage

The Problem

Fine Homes faced the challenge of modernising their traditional real estate marketing strategies, while finding effective ways to generate qualified leads for their luxury properties.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, we implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy that embraced innovation. We executed Email marketing campaigns that directly connected with potential clients, presenting their high-end properties in an enticing visual format. Moreover, strategic B2B partnerships were established with compatible businesses, enabling reciprocal promotion and extending their market reach. By harnessing data analysis, we fine-tuned marketing strategies according to customer preferences and behaviors. Furthermore, we integrated meta ads to bolster lead generation, while enhancing brand awareness.

The Results

The outcome was transformative for Fine Homes, leading to a marked enhancement in lead quality, thanks to the implemented strategies that attracted interested individuals seeking luxury properties.

The brand’s visibility and recognition soared due to the captivating Email campaigns, and increased exposure from B2B collaborations. Engagement levels surged as the targeted tactics resonated effectively with their target audience. Additionally, their contact list experienced a substantial expansion, furnishing them with an amplified reservoir of potential clients for engagement and conversion.

Operatio Marketing provided innovative, individually tailored solutions for our marketing needs while ensuring that the highest standards of customer service, responsiveness, and courtesy are offered at every interaction. Operatio Marketing enhanced our company’s online presence and helped us reach more clients! Thank you Operatio Marketing!”

— Robert and Anna Grin

Fine Homes Real Estate

The Proof is in the Numbers


Keyword Ranking Success


Monthly leads growth


Marketing expenses reduced,
while maintaining a consistent
lead flow

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