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St. Louis Bar & Grill

Fast Food Franchises

The Problem

St. Louis Bar & Grill is one of Canada’s best-known sports bar and grill restaurant franchises. The company had trouble attracting new franchise leads, and was forced to rely heavily on franchise shows and other forms of grassroots-style advertising.

The Solution

Operatio Marketing custom-created a robust online franchise development strategy that tied digital advertising, advanced SEO, and both social media and Email marketing into one overarching campaign, to attract new franchise leads and expand growth across North America.

The Results

Due to our efforts, St. Louis Bar & Grill expanded their leads by 10x, while increasing the frequency of converted franchisors by 4x, furthering their growth and expansion as a major franchise brand.

Their strategic approach led to a remarkable 10x surge in leads and a 4x increase in conversion rates for potential franchisors. With indispensable industry expertise and data-driven insights, we highly recommend their services!”

Shweta Tiwarri

Director, National Development

The Proof is in the Numbers


Franchisee leads


Converted franchisees

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