Top 4 Ways to Use Video Marketing in The Construction Industry

Video marketing has revolutionized marketing content for the construction industry. Not only does video marketing attract a larger market, it also engraves the information in their minds in a timely manner. According to a study conducted by Cielo in 2019, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Construction companies have a large market, targeting contractors, developers and distributors, thus they need a medium that attracts a wider audience. Video marketing is a tactic used to increase engagement and exposure.

Take a look at these top 4 ways you can use video marketing for the construction industry.


1. Live Videos

A huge benefit of live videos in the construction industry is that they aren’t as costly and can be broadcasted on numerous platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and YouTube Live. These videos facilitate an interaction with vendors, stakeholders and customers. Customers want to see the authentic behind the scenes, as well as they prefer to watch a video than to read an advertisement. Instant gratification from videos increases your audience and will thus increase your ROI and overall profits, hence why it is a good investment.


2. Tutorial Videos

This form of digital marketing strengthens a construction company’s relationship with its clients. For example, How-To and FAQs videos are a great way for your clients to learn more about your construction company for free. These quick videos are great when it comes to demonstrating how to install a product, or answering common questions surrounding your products and services. Educating your clients is a wonderful way for them to ensure trust in your brand and company. Many potential clients use YouTube as a search engine, in fact a study conducted by Oberlo, in 2019, reveals that YouTube is the second largest search engine, which receives more than 1.5 billion users per month and plays over a 1 billion hours of video each day to users. These statistics demonstrate the strength in numbers when it comes to video marketing.


3. Time Lapse Videos

The construction industry is one that involves time for the process to be completed. Ever imagine the time and details associated with building a new plaza? The time lapse video technique allows you to fasten the evolution of a slow moving process from building skyscrapers to installing new hardwood floors in residential home, without compromising any valuable necessities to the project. This technique is ideal for the construction industry because it allows each firm to display their success, advertise their skills and engage a larger audience. These videos accentuate the complexity of construction projects and definitely generate buzz.


4. Testimonial Videos

Nothing reflects a construction company’s success and reliability like testimonial videos.

Testimonial videos are great for industries where a reputation is critical. The reason why specifically construction companies benefit from this sort of digital marketing is because they authentically highlight compelling success and increase customer satisfaction while simultaneously showcasing the construction. Sutherland Weston conducted a study in 2019, which highlights that 90% of respondents who recalled viewing online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influence buying decisions. Testimonial videos automatically increase credibility and help convert leads into buyers.


Implement these video marketing strategies to have your clients clicking “Play” faster than you can imagine.  The construction industry needs to adapt to new digital marketing strategies in order to be a leader in the industry. Increasing exposure, strengthening credibility, educating the consumer and converting leads are all benefits of video marketing in the construction industry. So what are you waiting for? Camera, Rolling and action.

How Digital Marketing Helps Franchises

As marketing shifts to the online world, competition amongst companies becomes fierce. In order to tackle this rivalry and become successful, it is vital to utilize digital marketing strategies. Fortunately, there are so many tools and strategies available to overcome these obstacles. As the franchising landscape is getting more competitive, businesses need to develop tactics to help attract potential franchisees. Luckily there is a vast array of digital marketing strategies created to help businesses attract new franchisees.

It is vital to be aware of and understand the various digital marketing platforms available for your business. These channels promote better communication, more localized ads, brand awareness and an improved relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. Digital marketing has a wide spectrum of opportunities and tools. Whether it is a reply to a tweet or a new website, digital marketing directly impacts and promotes franchising. Here is a list of just some of the awesome ways digital marketing can be used to your advantage when it comes to franchising!

1) Digital Marketing Helps Increase Franchise Leads

Digital marketing has expanded for both franchisees and franchisors. New digital marketing now focuses around search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM) and various social media networks. In order to capture the attention of potential franchisees it is important to have an online presence. This online presence will help gain company exposure. SEM and SEO is used to grow the amount of visitors and keeping your site high up on the search list. Search Engine Optimization is crucial considering that the top 5 results on search engine results page (SERP) receive 75% of user clicks (Hubspot). Moreover, the various channels of digital marketing promote better communication between franchisors and franchisees which increases the amount of leads coming in. Have the ability to get in front of more eyeballs to get your brands value and message across.

2) Analytics and Reporting

When it comes to franchising, being aware of your business progress is crucial. Many tools are available in order to remain on top of your progress, your leads, strengths and weaknesses. Analytics and reporting help answer some of the pertinent questions related to franchising: how many of my clicks are transferring to leads? How are these franchisees reaching my website? Where in the marketing funnel do I need to improve? Analytics and reporting provide the necessary data that is vital to franchise growth. These tools also permit you to stay aware of your competition and their strategies.

3) Attracting Franchisees Through Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that helps promote brand awareness. Digital marketing includes various social media outlets that help create an online presence. This online presence increases brand awareness for franchisors, increasing the value of their company. Social media helps gain control in the marketing and makes your brand appear valuable. Moreover, social media formulates a platform for communication amongst visitors and franchisees. Utilizing specific targeting methods, helps localize the right franchisees and make your ads more relevant.

4) Franchise Marketing Through Emails

Email marketing is a fantastic way to attract potential franchisees. It is an extremely effective method of communicating with numerous customers, partners, vendors and leads simultaneously. Opt-in emails allow you to engage with the clients while strengthening the image of your brand. The versatility of email marketing is a huge advantage as it permits you to send newsletters, blogs or quick updates. With email marketing it is important to remain communicative, consistent and professional.

As digital marketing becomes the primary form of obtaining new franchisees, companies need to be aware of the strategies and tools accessible to them. Being aware of these strategies provides numerous benefits to your business. Each company needs a unique and strategic marketing approach which will help conduct consistent communication between both the franchisor and the franchisee. Digital marketing is vital to franchise growth and if done properly, can be fun and simple!



The Synergy Between B2B and Digital Marketing

85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important digital marketing goal. At the end of the day, there are many different results that B2B companies look for from a digital marketing campaign. Digital Marketing helps in both acquisition of new business and customer retention which is vital to any growing business. Before we go into the top 5 reasons why B2B companies should be using digital marketing, I’d like to mention that without identifying the right audience, the rest of the article can be thrown in the garbage. B2B companies have incredibly specific requirements. It’s a very specific niche that is difficult in identifying. Notwithstanding, if you really take the time to understand what problems your customers are having, you can target them with specific educational, data driven, and decision supporting marketing strategies that will solve their issues.

Now, onto the benefits of using digital marketing for your B2B company:

1. Lower Advertising Cost

Generally speaking, traditional marketing costs can be a significantly higher investment that may or may not give a good ROI. The issue is whether or not, your local ad for example, will be seen by the right people at the right time, yielding in significantly more variables that can affect your ROI. Digital also lasts. Printing multiple flyers only gives you one-time exposure, however creating a website or an awesome article will last for a long time.

2. More Business Opportunity

With the click of a button, you now have the ability to get exposure not only to your customers, but their vendors, suppliers and other partners affiliated to them, which yields for a higher possibility of a customer coming into the door…online door if you will. These potential customers might even be leads that you can nurture into actual customers through awesome Digital Marketing strategies like SEO focused content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing etc.

3. Testimonials

Through testimonials you get to build significant rapport with any potential customers. With digital marketing, you can leverage videos, case study’s and various review outlets to drive leads to your business. You’re only as good as your customers say you are.

4. Data

In God we trust, everyone else bring data. Who’s engaging with your content? What ways are they interacting? You can learn from each campaign you implement and target each individual customer in a unique and customized way. Customer Journey is incredibly important, and data will help you make the right decisions in creating a strategy for it.

5. Brand Awareness

You need to stand out. No matter whether your industry is price based or not, and your company brand doesn’t matter, you still need to stand out. You need to create awareness and constantly show evolvement. If you’re the cheapest option, great, keep on pushing for brand awareness so you can stay on top of mind for appropriate channels as the cheapest option.


Now remember, no matter how well these 5 categories are leveraged, nothing will work if the wrong audience is targeted. Figure out who your target is, understand their problems, how you can fix them and whether your company is the right fit. We’ve put together a diagram below showing what you can share for each ask your customer has. Best of luck and happy marketing!