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How To Prepare For A Roaring Digital Marketing Comeback After Coronavirus Ends

It seems like Coronavirus might finally be running the final leg of its course. Every virus has a shelf life, and COVID-19 is no exception. While caution is still the order of the day, the United States and Canada are now entering the re-opening phase, which is the first step towards an economic recovery.


If your company has managed to maintain a digital presence for itself through the COVID-19 lockdown, you’ll be in a prime position to hit the ground running. Customers will start spending again, going out to eat, and engaging in summer activities. Expect a dramatic upswing in spending, even with social distancing methods still in place. With talk of Oxford University potentially shipping millions of vaccinations as early as September, that could trigger an even larger and more positive economic rebound.


Your company should remain vigilant, and be ready for anything. Don’t be afraid to think bigger than you may already have. After all, people have been in lockdown for months, and recent reports suggest that it’s taking a psychological toll. Folks will want a return to normalcy, and your business will be instrumental in providing it.


If you’re working with a great digital marketing company, it’s a safe bet they’ve been managing your corporate reputation, and keeping your name in lights throughout this entire thing. Communication with clients in a time of mass isolation is paramount not only to everyone’s well being, but your bottom end, as well. If you’ve kept conversing with your clients, you’ve already taken the first step.


The next step is to consider how you’re going to embrace the economic restart. This will obviously vary depending on your business, but your next step should be to welcome your customers back into the fold. Here, you have the opportunity to get creative. Consider offering an extended welcome back deal designed to give customers time to take advantage after so much economic uncertainty. Remember, some have lost jobs and businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the right sale or welcome back gift can yield huge benefits.


We recently touched upon the need to maintain your company’s digital presence during the breakout. That included touching up your website and taking advantage of downtime to lock down any specific changes you might have wanted to implement. If you haven’t already done so, consider doing it now, before the re-opening is in its final phase. If you have the money to spend, this is a great time for your customers to return back to you and have something fresh and vibrant waiting for them.


Don’t neglect social media, either. Even now, it’s not too early to send some encouraging notes to your customers, sharing news of the potential end to the lockdowns, and the first signs of recovery. The News cycle is saturated with negative information, which is feeding the public stress. Be accurate, but be positive, and your customers will remember it. Don’t be afraid to invest in creating a short video that you can post on your social media channels. This kind of gesture goes a long way.


At the moment, online ad revenues seem to be down; a symptom of the economic pinch. That’s a good indicator to be mindful how much you spend with your pay-per-click campaigns. Some businesses can benefit from this right now, but it’s wise to check with your digital marketing agency to see if you’re structured to score a hit with your target audience. PPC costs are still down from where they were 6 months ago, so be sure to get an accurate read from an expert.


And finally, prepare for the comeback. Once customers are out and about again, it’ll feel like a whole new experience after so many weeks in quarantine. Enjoy it, and let your enthusiasm show to your customers, as well. The need for solidarity and fellowship has never been stronger than it is now. With a combination of a great digital online presence and some good old fashioned humanism, we’ll be back up to speed before you know it!


If you need a hand figuring out what steps you should take as we move forward into the economic recovery period, now’s the time to contact us. We’d be happy to give you advice on where you should be putting your company’s focus.