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Marketing Automation

We optimize and streamline the efficiency of time-consuming tasks for an easier workflow.

We design effective strategies to automate many repetitive and time-consuming tasks between marketing and sales, giving teams the opportunity to nurture leads into promising clients. By adopting marketing automation into your business, you can increase your revenue and ROI by gaining more conversions, which leads to more customers.

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Automation Is The Key

Marketing is an essential part of business operations, but the methodology has changed significantly in recent years. With so many repetitive tasks to complete, marketers need an effective and systematic approach when it comes to achieving their business objectives. The solution is marketing automation – the smarter and more cost-efficient way to net high-value leads at a lower cost, while freeing up time and resources so your company can grow faster.

Our Marketing Automation duties include:

Automation of email marketing and drip campaigns, welcome messages, abandoned cart reminders, and more.

Customer journey mapping to deliver relevant content at each stage of the buying process.

Behavior tracking to identify user behavior on websites and email campaigns, for better targeting.

Generating strong analytics and reporting to provide valuable insight for better data-driven decisions.

Assistance with setting up the right marketing automation platform best suited to each business.

Automation of customer segmentation based on specific criteria, to provide better service.

Automated A/B testing to optimize email marketing campaigns for better click and open rates.

Lead generation through various digital channels, which are automatically nurtured within the system.

Lead management to properly organize and follow up on prospective customers.

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