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The Impact of Collaborative Digital Marketing

The benefits of having a fully functional and dedicated digital marketing agency at your disposal are self-evident only when the numbers are there to back it up. By investing in a digital marketing agency, you have an opportunity to see, in real time the organic ROI that can be generated from online campaigns and advertising initiatives that drive traffic to your website, spur lead growth, and provide more business opportunities.

At Operatio Marketing, we’ve always been firmly committed to working with our clients at their level, by acting as an extension of their existing team. By striving to understand a client’s business model, company culture and customer base, we effectively become attuned to their needs, while providing them with much-needed advice and guidance when it comes to strengthening their online digital presence.

This is evident in the relationship we have developed and maintained with Sensyst, a very popular consultancy which helps customers design trendy, attractive and functional office spaces that meet their demands and needs. Sensyst understands the importance of identifying the internal cultures of the companies they work with, including their employees, corporate creed and business goals. Meanwhile, Operatio Marketing mirrors this approach by working directly with Sensyst as an add-on module to their existing operations, which is designed to fit seamlessly into their team roster.

Sensyst President Rod Perry recognizes the importance of this kind of working relationship between consultant-style firms. After all, hiring an agency with such a particular specialization is entirely the point. From Sensyst’s perspective, they wish to help their clients plan out the most effective and striking office space designs imaginable, for the benefit of their customer’s internal culture, employee morale and operational efficiency. At Operatio Marketing, our perspective is to put Sensyst’s name in lights by highlighting their already established reputation, and driving organic traffic to their site, while generating new lead prospects. While discussing the topic with Mr. Perry, he replied “[Operatio Marketing] was the first company that actually came to us with a plan and a strategy, and tried to understand our business first, rather than treating us like just another account.”

Mr. Perry was able to see the results of his partnership with our team at Operatio after Sensyst’s ad traffic increased by 200 percent, not to mention an increase in web traffic. Our digital marketing strategy with Sensyst was designed to be fluid, and able to change on a dime, depending on market conditions and shifting industry trends. By throwing the one-size-fits-all approach out of the window, we were able to concentrate on Sensyst’s needs, and give them a clear path towards opening up new business by talking specifically to the customers most interested in their services.

A key component in the success of Sensyst’s digital marketing strategy involved being able to control when we spoke to these customers, as well. By strategizing pay-per-click, social media campaigns and SEO search rankings, we were able to reach Sensyst’s target market and communicate directly with them when the moment was most opportune.

Though not impossible, it’s difficult for any company, no matter how talented, to run an internal marketing and advertising campaign. Every company wants to focus on what they do best, and deliver the greatest standards to their customers. Reaching those customers however, is the real challenge. Running advertising and marketing campaigns internally presents an exceptionally difficult set of circumstances to overcome. After all, it’s much harder for companies to distract themselves with shifting patterns in the digital space, from adjustments in Google search algorithms, to changes in responsive website trends. By the time a company decides to wade into the tricky waters of SEO and social media, it’s easy to get lost.

Mr. Perry experienced this first hand when Sensyst attempted to run their own marketing strategy, which quickly mushroomed into an endeavor that was very difficult to keep up with. That says nothing about Sensyst’s competence, and everything about being forced to juggle everyday operations with the side business of running a marketing campaign. By off-loading this particular part of the business to a dedicated digital marketing agency, Sensyst (like any company) was free to focus on the excellent, dynamic service and skill set they provide to companies. Meanwhile, in the background, Operatio Marketing was busy maintaining Sensyst’s search rankings, social media content, blogs and digital ads, which continued to interact with new and existing customers on a personal level.

Sensyst continues to enjoy the success of working with Operatio Marketing, as we in turn continue to deliver for them without shirking our responsibility, and our commitment to that success. The mark of a great digital marketing agency lies in how they treat their clients. Unfortunately, many agencies are more interested in landing the contract, rather than delivering on the promise. We refuse to go down this road. Instead, we maintain a close, transparent working relationship with our clients, and communicate with them consistently via regular meetings, where we can discuss changes to their existing marketing strategy, develop new ways for them to adapt in their marketplace, and (most importantly) provide real, tangible numbers and results they can see, in real-time. This helps Sensyst gauge the level of ROI they’ve made on their initial investment, which is great news for everyone involved.

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