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Top 3 Benefits of Video Marketing

With all the different types of ways that businesses relay messages to consumers, it is incredibly important from the business side to be unique in how you convey your message. Ensuring your product and/or service stands out to consumers is crucial to your digital marketing campaigns. In fact, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. The power of video marketing is clear, consumers overwhelmingly prefer to watch videos in lieu of reading an article or post 9 times out of 10. If you need some more convincing, check out the top 3 benefits of video marketing below.

1. Video Marketing is linked to higher Conversion Rates

With any marketing endeavor, your ROI should reign supreme. ROI is single handedly the most important factor when considering one marketing campaign over another. According to Unbounce, including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%.

2. Improving email marketing campaigns

Email marketing can be an incredibly effective means of marketing and communication. It can help in increasing your number of customers, retaining your current customers, building rapport with customers, etc. When videos are used in email marketing campaigns, consumers are more engaged and this can be shown through the drastic increase in open and click rates. According to HubSpot, using videos in an email campaign can increase click rates by up to 300%.

3. Professionalism

Practically all industry leading companies use videos as a mechanism of communicating, marketing, and educating their core audience. It’s no surprise to anyone that businesses as a whole are apart of a copycat league. Beyond that, if your competitors are using videos to increase their ROI, why wouldn’t you? Notwithstanding, good content and professional videos may increase your ROI, but poorly done videos and content may have negative implications, so be cautious in the kind of content you release.