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Why Local SEO Is The Secret Weapon That Can Build Your Business

If you own a business that caters to the local community, you’re probably facing competition from others who are vying for customer attention. That’s the spirit of the game, but that doesn’t mean you should hamstring yourself by avoiding the digital online space. Sure, you may already have concluded that you need a great website and a local advertising budget, but what about the SEO factor? 

We tend to think of SEO as something only large corporations utilize to spread brand awareness and tap into new markets, but that’s just not true. Local amenities, law firms, brick and mortar stores, and many others rely on a specific kind of SEO to set themselves apart, and attract attention. It’s what we commonly refer to as “local SEO,” and it does exactly what the name suggests.


In truth, nothing. Local SEO is merely a centralized and very focused form of search engine optimization techniques designed to increase your chances of being seen on local search results. Take, for example, a person searching for “law firm Toronto.” Depending on the strength of your SEO, you might stand a greater chance of being on the first page of search results, if not at the very top. 

However, it’s important to understand the nature of your business, and who you’re serving, should you wish to take advantage of local SEO. For instance, you may be situated in Toronto, but if you run an online business that caters to customers all over the country (or across the globe), you won’t require as much of an SEO presence. Traditional brick and mortar stores and institutions such as mom-and-pop shops, dentist offices and law firms are just a few examples of businesses that would benefit immensely from a more localized approach to SEO practices.


Now that you understand the differentiation between local and “regular” SEO, you might be wondering how you can harness it for the benefit of your business. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult, at least in theory. While you can tackle SEO on your own, we always recommend hiring a digital marketing agency that lives and breathes this kind of thing on a daily basis, so you can get the most return on your investment. Here’s how we do it:


The first step towards improving your local SEO is to figure out exactly where it’s at, in the first place. This is where we start, by analyzing your current SEO structure and overall health, so we can determine what steps need to be taken to improve on it. SEO audits provide a wonderful reference sheet from which we can determine what moves to make. They typically consist of Google search data, the performance of your website, and on-page SEO data, as well as analyses of your various competitors. 


Within a sea of website and social media content, there’s bound to be a broken link or two…or three. We pour over every detail of your digital online presence to make sure everything is consistent, including company name, your address, contact information and applicable links. Maybe you moved into a new building and forgot to update your information, or perhaps there’s a typo or some other mistake that might be cutting off customers from reaching you. Whatever the case, we make sure all your links are connected, and functional.


You may think that having one website for your entire business is all you require, but if you have multiple locations serving different areas of the city, or even across the country, you’ll need to tweak your strategy a bit. In this case, we would design separate location pages in order to implement targeted keywords on a per-location basis, so you aren’t missing out on local search results. This allows us to maximize exposure for various content that is applicable to people who may be searching for you, such as phone numbers, email addresses, hours of operation, etc., for each location. While you may think it’s enough to have a single website with one contact page, sometimes it’s far better to create individual location pages. 


If your business serves your local community, then you have every reason to maximize the amount of customers you take in. Should you wish to expand your operations to multiple locations in the future, so much the better. However, it all needs to start at the local level, and that’s where many businesses struggle. The great thing about local SEO is that it’s akin to a snowball growing larger as it rolls down a hill and gains more speed. Soon, it becomes an unstoppable juggernaut that requires less effort to maintain. As you grow your customer base through local SEO strategies and campaign investments, you will benefit from word-of-mouth, a roster of 5-star reviews, and a number of accolades and awards that will work in your favor. That is, of course, if you’ve been delivering your best for your customers!


Local SEO is the linchpin to growing a small business into a large one, or building a springboard from which to branch out and scale your operations. Operatio Marketing has helped many clients break out of the rut they were stuck in, simply by leveraging the power of local SEO. Your business can experience a similar paradigm shift, without wasting time, effort and resources. Contact us today, and we’ll show you why we’re Toronto’s fastest-growing digital marketing firm!